About Solcito Musica

Solcito Musica is the name that identifies my musical works.
I am Gustavo Valletto. I live in Argentina.

Solcito Musica VSTs/VSTis are developed with the software DSP Robotics Flowstone. Certain functions are taken from its library, for example: filters, effects, etc. and may be included as is or modified.


My family.
Gerardo “Lalo” Sema, Gustavo “Pololo” Ricordi, Gustavo "Rulito" Arese, Alejandro Milano, Guillermo Estivill, Cecilia Avalle, Rita Martínez, Mónica Veras, Susana Juarez.
Ing. Gonsález (U.T.N), Ing. Suin (U.T.N), Rodolfo Alaluf, Marcelo“Salteño” Martínez, Gonio Ferrari, Ing. Búcar, Daniel Godoy.
The people who facilitated the meeting with Charly García.
Alejandro Bertolaza, León Richards, Raúl Hidalgo, Jeremías Chauque, Rubén Patagonia, Néstor Osorio, Federico Torres, Santiago Martínez, Julio Martínez, Marcos Almendra, José Garro, Roberto Massoni, Robel Merech Trenti, Hugo Aguero y Jesica Cerutti.
Cecilia Currumil, Malcom Barbour, Kurt Wallenhorst, Hernán Marandino, Kujashi.