Virtual Instruments and Effects for Windows

Synteacher A  6 4-b i t
Didactic Synthesizer
Stand Alone software - English&Spanish languages

Synteacher A is a virtual synthesizer Stand Alone software for teaching and self-learning. It provides basic concepts to learn how to make sounds with all kinds of synthesizers, virtual or hardware, and some particularities of analog synthesizers.

It can be used by professors for classroom or also by anyone who wants to learn by him/herself. It offers presets with correlative instructions accompanied by a changing control panel, which increases its complexity as the user advances in learning. The synthesizer shows or hides knobs, buttons and switches according to the topic of each instruction.

This version has the options of English and Spanish languages.

Synteacher 64-bit Free Demo Download 


To get Synteacher A Full version for FREE:
Download Synteacher Free Demo and Toum! 1.11 Free Version. Both have Order Forms to fill. Send them to solcitomusica@gmail.com and donate for Toum! only. 
You will get both full versions by just $16, saving other $16.

SuperTron 4.0  6 4-b i t
Step Modulation Analog Synth

Virtual analog synthesizer for sounds and sequences typical of the 70s and 80s, Dance, Trance, percussion, analog strings, Laser sounds and other retro sounds. A Step Modulator with 4 "scenes" that work as sub-presets. The filters bring a feature called "wide" that splits frequencies in the stereo field. The "age" knob generates vintage warmth to the sound.

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SuperTron is available in 2 panel sizes, to choose the one that best looks onscreen:

Additional Free Preset Bank for SuperTron 4.0:
Free Download SuperTron3 CLASSIC & FAMOUS ARPEGGIOS & RIFFS Preset Bank
Watch some of that preset bank in action...

 Arido 3.31 6 4-b i t
Additive Synth

Arido is an additive synthesizer with a simple FM feature and a subtractive filter.
It includes a polyphonic driver to generate variety of timbres. That is, a distorter that works on each note separately.
This synth allows make sounds like ambient, bass, pads, organs, distorted, nature, emulations, etc.
It brings on-panel help, MIDI Learn and pedal switch functions.

Kujashi is a great german composer and performer. He made his own soundbank for this composition. All sounds and effects were made from Arido, except drums. 

(it has instructions to get the VSTi)

To get Arido VSTi (dll): donate $12.00 /  12.00 and follow the instructions that the Free version brings.

 SuperSonico 6.04  6 4-b i t
Virtual Analog Synth

SuperSonico is a virtual analog synthesizer. The Sub-Oscillator includes an option that generates a single low octave that is repeated along the keyboard. When doing a click on some controls or zones, it will appear a contextual help.
This synth is suitable for classic analog sounds, strings, bass, brass, leads, organs, atmospheres, pads, drums, emulations, toon sounds, etc.

listen SuperSonico demo by Kujashi
A brilliant work of the german composer and performer Kujashi. He made his own soundbank for this composition. All sounds and effects were made from SuperSonico, except drums. 

Download SuperSonico 6.04 64-Bit Free version (it has instructions to get the VSTi)
To get SuperSonico 6.0VSTi (dll): donate $8.00 /  8.00 and follow the instructions that the Free version brings.

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Crio 2.0 32- bit 
Step Modulation Synth

 Crio is a virtual monophonic analog/FM/Ring Modulation synthesizer to make arpeggios, bass, solos, leads, FX-style sounds, to be used at studio or live. Minimal controls, maximum functionality. It brings facilities to drastically modify the sounds on the fly, while playing. The LFO has special functions for rhythmic uses, such as quantization of waveforms synchronized with tempo. The user must use the Modulation Wheel to check the importance of the modifications that can be done at live.

VSTi (dll): FREE!
Free Download Crio 2.0 VSTi

Free download New Features Crio 2.0 bank
Several presets of this bank show the new features of Crio 2.0

 Toum! 1.11  6 4-b i t 
Kick-Tom-Percussion-Bass Synth

Toum! is a virtual synthesizer to design kick, tom, timbal, percussion and bass sounds. The user can use the include presets or make their own analog, acoustic and electronic drums, and EDM bass synth sounds. Also can be designed snares, clap, hats and certain FX sounds.
Toum! has a virtual analog structure and a small phase modulation component.

The user can load a tutorial preset bank with onscreen guidance text. It is included in the download package.

Listen Toum!

(it has instructions to get the VSTi)

VSTi (dll): donate $16.00 /  16.00  and follow the instructions that the Free version brings.

or donate via email

Vintager Toy 1.1 32- bit
Aging sound maker 
It is a VST plugin that modifies the sound to make it sound like on old equipments. It can be used over a mix or over an instrument to give it vintage warmth.